Zeus Mustache Brush

Zeus Mustache Brush


    • 100% Firm boar bristles, the highest grade bristle cut

    • Great for taming mustaches and beards - Easily penetrates facial hair for taming and smoothing

    • Natural, European-sourced pear wood. Handle does not warp

    • Made in Germany

  • Length:: 5.5" I Width: 1" I Bristle Height: 7/10"

Zeus Handled Mustache & Beard Brush is a high-quality brush that can last you a lifetime. The ergonomic handle allows you to groom and style with ease, while the boar bristles remove dirt for a nice and tidy beard. To penetrate dense beards, this handled mustache brush is equipped with firm boar bristles. These bristles feature rounded tips which are gentle on your skin and a medium-stiff backbone that won't splay against denser beards. The boar bristles on this brush evenly distribute the natural oils from your beard to repair dry hair and to enhance shine. With regular use, you'll also see far more volume and far less frizz.

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